If you see greyhound you would like to know more about, clicking on their photo will take you to their individual profile page.

Please note: Greyhounds shown here may already be spoken for. To verify the availability of the particular dog please email GEM's Adoptions Coordinatator at gemadoption@gmail.com. Adoption fee for dogs in this section is $250.00.
    • Oshkosh Kipp
    • "Kip"
      Red / Male / 72 lbs
      May be cat & small dog workable
    • Whelped: May 21, 2013
    • Percy Jo
    • "Joey"
      Fawn / Male / 72 lbs
      Cat & Small Dog Friendly
    • Whelped: July 4, 2013
    • PJ Twister
    • "Twister"
      Black / Female / 60 lbs
      Not cat safe
    • Whelped: November 19, 2011
    • Go On Suarez
    • "Suarez"
      Brindle / Male / 72 lbs
      Cat & Small Dog Friendly
    • Whelped: August 19, 2012

Senior and Special Needs

This section includes Greyhounds over the age of seven as well as some with medical needs that will require extra care, possibly for the remainder of their lives. Since many people are looking for a younger pet that will remain with the family for a longer period, we offer seniors and special needs dogs at a reduced adoption fee of $100.00

If someone who has adopted from GEM adopts one of our available seniors (7 or older), the adoption fee will be waived and a stipend is available. If interested, please contact GEM's Adoptions Coordinator at gemadoption@gmail.com
    • REM's Freda
    • "Freda"
      Brindle / Female / 62 lbs
    • Whelped: April 24, 2010
    • River Rock
    • "River"
      Brindle / Female / 61 lbs.
    • Whelped: February 28, 2009
    • AMF Beattheheat
    • "Badger"
      Black / Male / 76 lbs
      Not cat or small dog friendly
    • Whelped: January 20, 2013
    • Rye's Ride
    • "Rye"
      Fawn / Male / 67.7
      Cat & Small Dog Friendly
    • Whelped: November 3, 2013

Waiting In The Wings

In this section you will see information on dogs that we have in our program that are yet not ready for adoption. Some of these dogs have a variety of medical issues that are still being treated, while others are just waiting to be vetted. We look forward to each dog's graduation to the available list so that they can be considered for adoption.

Graduate (T.G.I.E.) Dogs

This section is home to Greyhounds who have graduated from a prison training program conducted by The Greyhound Inmate Experience (T.G.I.E.). While the TGIE Greyhounds are in the program they learn basic commands such as sit, stay, lay down, come etc. and should be prepared to pass a Canine Good Citizen exam with little effort... just reinforcement on your part.
The TGIE dogs adoption fee is $325.00.

    • WW's Blue Streak
    • "Blue"
      Black / Female / 58 lbs
      Cat & Small Dog Friendly
    • Whelped: August 24, 2013
    • WW Refine Metal
    • "Goldie"
      Red Brindle / Male / 82 lbs.
      Cat Workable and Small Dog Friendly
    • Whelped: November 9, 2014
    • WW's Barbie Boo
    • "Barbie"
      Brindle / Female / 61 lbs.
      Not cat or small dog friendly
    • Whelped: October 27, 2014
    • Lineman Eric
    • "Eric"
      Red / Male / 76 lbs.
      Cat & Small Dog Workable
    • Whelped: July 7, 2014
    • Canaan Samba
    • "Annie"
      Brindle / Female / 59.5
      Not cat or small dog friendly
    • Whelped: February 9, 2014

(T.G.I.E.) Dogs Awaiting Graduation