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Tucker is gentle and affectionate while a bit quirky. He simply needs patience and love from someone willing to work with his quirkiness. And most of all, someone to be with him almost all of the time. He loves his people and likes to be near them and separation from them sets him back. He will go to his crate, but on his own terms.  He is so smart that even an irresistible treat will not persuade him to kennel if he thinks you’re taking a car ride without him!  If he is forced, he will react accordingly. He is fully potty trained. It took a long time to break him of the habit of being on furniture, and now that he is, he is much happier with his own pillow space. He needs a strong but gentle human that will give him structure, routine, and a sense of security that you’re the boss… but NEVER hostility. He thrives on positive motivation and a daily routine.
Another plus Is that he is cat safe as long as the cats are indoor cats. He climbs stairs like a monkey and loves going up and down them following his people. He knows all of his commands. He walks well on lead, to the left, and heals. He waits until he’s home to do business so walks are enjoyable with no poop bags required! However, if he ends up with a family with no fence, he does his business on lead with your ok. All in all, the perfect dog for an understanding, patient, and structured family with a routine which includes scheduled meals and treats, daily walks, and a very gentle but stern touch. Negative motivation will never work with him. A loosey-goosey home will confuse him and make him insecure. He simply has to feel that someone is in charge. But, he is probably the most affectionate greyhound I personally have ever seen. He gives kisses freely once he’s comfortable with you and leans with the best of them! The perfect best friend and loyal companion!