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AMF Beattheheat / Badger

Badger has been with us now for three weeks. He has been a joy to have. Badger settled in to our home in no time at all. He is great with our hounds but is NOT small dog safe. He loves to go for walks and is doing really well at not pulling. He still will not go potty on lead but maybe with more time that will change. Once he discovered the dog beds he decided that he kind of liked those. He also enjoys toys, tossing them around in the air and shaking them is Greyt fun. He does not want to share them, but will now allow me to take them from him. He is a very affectionate boy, he loves children, but with very little ones I would keep a close eye on him.
Badger is a special needs boy, but this problem is not anything life threatening. He has dry eye. This is in his right eye and only takes 5-10 minutes 3x a day to take care of. He is very good when this is being done. He will crate easily and does enjoy sleeping in the bedroom with you at night. Storms do not seem to bother him. So if your looking for a special boy to add to your family you will absolutely want to meet this handsome boy.