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CP's Go Lass / Lass

Lass is settling in, but is antsy on occasion....pacing, walking around the house. But we haven't figured out why. We think she would do well as an only dog even though the pack here travel around the house and yard together. Of the 3 girls, she is the cuddliest. 

The first couple evenings at bedtime, she whined, but that decreased until now she doesn't do that. We keep her in the crate in the living room and have a cover for it and close curtains so she doesn't want out at the crack of dawn. She has taken to whining a bit in the morning. This morning she was fine. 

The couple times we went out, we kept her in the crate and Roxie and Cherry were free to roam. We were gone approximately 5 hours and came home to no issues.

Her eating and pottying are all normal. She understands NO real well. She doesn't have dew claws and she has a rather cute, rabbit like overbite. She does well with all grooming: teeth brushing, nails, ears. 

As stated in the handlers journal, she is a bit skiddish at loud, abrupt noises.

She gets with Roxie outside and away they go! They've had some impressive zooming episodes! 

  • Registered Name : CP's Go Lass
  • Call Name : Lass
  • DOB : October 1, 2014
  • Sire : Flying Coal Center
  • Dam : My Choice
  • Sex : Female
  • Color : Brindle
  • Racing Owner : Parvin, Wesley L. or Currier Kennels, Inc.
  • Racing Weight : 63 lbs.
  • Arrived : November 16, 2017
  • Adopted : March 30, 2018
  • Adopter : Seegert, Tina
  • Right Ear : 104C
  • Left Ear : 65075
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