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Here, Kitty!  "Kitty" as she is called is a 3 year old black girl, fresh out of prison for one week. Kitty had some issues in the prison with her back where she either refused to do what the handlers requested or she would cry out in pain. After a visit to the vet, training was halted for her last month. She was on leash restriction with some meds to help her feel better. She came to GEM with a bright and sparkling personality, tail always ready for a wag and an expectant look on her face for whatever was about to come, accompanied by lightening fast slurpy kisses. 

She was taken into the vet again the day she arrived to foster care and received a clean bill of health with not only her back but with a couple of teeth which were questionable. Now that she has had some time (a week), she has proven that she can run with the best of them without any pain. Apparently, the meds and rest were what she needed to start feeling better. 
"Kitty" is happy and well-adjusted, eats well, crates all night for at least 8 hours and has had no accidents. 
She is a "stuffy-Killer" to a fault. She never met a squeaker she wouldn't try to kill and she successfully field stripped a Mother Bunny in under 30 seconds. If it doesn't squeak, it isn't worth playing with. 
When she came into the dog drop, her M.O. was questionable regarding cats. Knowing she needed to be introduced to them in order to increase her chances of adoption, last night she went to live with Cathy Wild, who has cats. Her first reckoning was the little black Tasmanian Devil-Dog that chased her around the back yard. She was terrified and we had to stop the lop sided entertainment. Going back inside she saw the cats as smaller Tasmanian Devil-Dogs. Suffice to say, she wanted NOTHING to do with those little things. 
Cathy will be taking Kitty to work with her today so Kitty will be getting more surprises in an otherwise calm and quiet world. More information coming from Cathy.....

 From Foster Mom Cathy,

Since I've had Kitty home she has been an adorable stuffie killer.  She crates 8 hours while I was at work today.  She ran in the yard after I got home and is now looking for dinner. 

She did not like the tile or wooden floors when she first got here.  Now you would never know there was in issue.  

Kitty is a real lover.  She enjoys lavishing you will kisses. She enjoys her toys and likes to be near you. 

All in all Kitty seems to take on any hurdle she faces Kitty figures out a way to maneuver around it 

  • Registered Name : Current Affair
  • Call Name : Kitty
  • DOB : April 15, 2014
  • Sire : Dragon Fire
  • Dam : Astar Luv Affair
  • Sex : Female
  • Color : Black
  • Racing Owner : Shook, Gail A.
  • Racing Weight : 60.1
  • Arrived : April 20, 2017
  • Right Ear : 44G
  • Left Ear : 63938
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