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Canaan Samba / Annie

Annie is one of the sweetest greyhounds I have even met.  She is a Velcro dog and just wants nothing more then to be loved and included in what is going on.  She loves being petting and if you stop she will reach out her paw to you and ask for some more.  Annie is a very light footed dog and loves to prance around and play with her stuffies.  Annie loves car rides and does very well when traveling.  She is crated comfortably for a normal workday, in the same area as her foster siblings.  She is a happy 4 year old, who performs her commands when she knows you have treats.  Annie is a very smart dog and pick up on commands very quickly and will do well with reinforcement.  Annie is NOT cat nor small dog safe.  She wants a closer look at anything that moves fast and makes noise.  She is not aggressive, but will chase anything she sees move and should be watched very closely when around anything little.  Annie loves children, but tends to greet them by jumping up and kissing them on the face, so she has to be watched.  Annie is wonderful with her greyhound sister and brothers, and would do well in a home with other greyhounds.  She has been left alone when they have had vet trips, and does appear to do fine with being alone during those times.  Annie is simply a joy to have around and would love nothing more then to settle in a forever home of her own.  She is a wonderful dog and will make a special family very happy. 
  • Registered Name : Canaan Samba
  • Call Name : Annie
  • DOB : February 9, 2014
  • Sire : Pat C Clement
  • Dam : HS Sweet Dream
  • Sex : Female
  • Color : Brindle
  • Racing Owner : Barber, Jerry
  • Racing Weight : 59.5
  • Arrived : 9/7/2017
  • Adopted : May 17, 2018
  • Adopter : Weinberg, Nic
  • Right Ear : 24E
  • Left Ear : 63267
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