Dear Gems,

We are about to begin a new fundraiser for GEM through the Great Lakes SCRIP Program. The following is a general explanation of how this program works. I also suggest you go to the program’s website – http://www.glscrip.com – if you’d like even more information about the program.

My son’s high school uses this program for the music boosters and we earn thousands of dollars every year. The best part is that you contribute by spending money you would spend anyway!!
Essentially, it is like buying gift certificates that can be used for whatever you want at the individual retailers/restaurants and the

retailers/restaurants donate a percentage of the face value of the certificate to GEM. This is NOT like the Entertainment Book fundraisers. There is a wide variety of participants and they donate anywhere from 2% to 25% back to GEM.

GEM will offer certificates from over 100 stores/restaurants – all names you’ll know – Borders, Amazon.com, Bath & Body Shops, Best Buy, Build-A-Bear, Casual Corner, Crate & Barrel, Footlocker, Cabela’s & Bass Pro Shops, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Land’s End, Star Theaters, Gap/Old Navy, Toys-R-Us, Applebee’s, Bennigan’s, Burger King, Chuck E. Cheese, Honey Baked Ham, Landry’s, Mongolian BBQ, Pizza Hut, Red Lobster/Olive Garden, Wendy’s…and the list goes on…

Other than a little “getting used to” and “preplanning” this is a totally painless and a ‘no actual cost out of your pocket’ way to donate to GEM. You pay face value for the certificates and you, or whomever you give them to, redeem them for face value. The merchant gives GEM a percentage of the face value of the certificate. You are simply using these certificates like cash. If a significant number of families participate regularly, GEM stands to gain BIG BUCKS for our beloved greyhounds!! The amounts the merchants will donate are printed on the forms for your information only so you can see just how profitable this can be.

This is how it will work :

Think about some of your anticipated needs for the upcoming month or longer – for example, birthday and/or Christmas presents, dinner out, going to a movie or renting a movie, new tennis shoes, fast food stops, filling up your car(s) with gas, groceries, etc.

Print the forms on the Yahoo Groups site that are in the files section – groups.yahoo.com/group/GEM-Events/files – in the SCRIP Fundraiser folder. If you are not in e groups, please contact me and I will help you obtain the forms.

Fill out the forms completely with your name, phone number and email address at the top of EACH page you submit to me. Mark the quantity for each merchant you want SCRIP from and calculate the total dollar amount for each merchant. At the bottom of each sheet, fill in the total dollar amount for that page as well as where you want to pick up yourSCRIP when it comes in. (There are currently 4 pick-up points – home of Helen Davanzo-Taylor, Barbara Mace-Bloomfield Hills, Pete Najorka-Farmington Hills and Robin Willoughby-Brighton. We are looking for a volunteer to be a pick-up location on the east side.)

Write a check to GEM for the total face value of the certificates you ordered and enclose it with your order form. Mail the form (s) with your check to the address printed at the bottom of each form. These must be mailed in time to reach me by the deadline date shown on the form – no exceptions. Orders received after the deadline will be included with the next month’s order after verifying with the member that that is acceptable to them.

Watch for notice to be posted on Gem-Events that the SCRIP order is in and ready for you to pick up. Go to the place you indicated and get your scrip.

Program Notes :

The order *must* reach my house by the order deadline. It is important to be timely because people need to know they can count on receiving the SCRIP at designated times for gift giving. For all following months, the order deadlines are generally the first Wednesday of the month and the actual dates are noted at the bottom of the forms. Pickup will be the second Friday of the month.

Currently we can only accept payment by check or money order. We are checking into using Paypal and will let everyone know if/when this is available as a method of payment.

Your SCRIP will NOT be mailed to you – these certificates are just like cash and can be used by whomever has them, so they will not be sent through the mail.

Many of the SCRIP certificates are the familiar looking prepaid gift cards while others are paper certificates. They are usually good for a year or more and any expirations are noted on the SCRIP.

Great Lakes SCRIP Program makes it clear that you should ALWAYS ask *first* if the merchant will give you change back from the gift certificate. I regularly use SCRIP and have not had an issue with change, however, I always ask about their policy when using one that is new to me. Most fast food SCRIP is in $1 and $2 certificates. However, Arby’s is one that does NOT give change and their $5 SCRIP comes as one $5 certificate. (BTW, I keep several fast food certificates in each vehicle and replenish as needed – they come in very handy and you never know when you’ll need one.)

Another benefit to you – Blockbuster certificates make movie rentals cheaper. Renting a single movie can be as high as $4.25 but when you buy SCRIP for single movie rentals, you pay $3.79 per card and GEM receives a 15% while you watch a movie!!! Buying $10 of Mrs. Field’s cookies means a donation to GEM of $2.50 – and you get to eat the cookies!!! Many companies also give holiday bonus percentages at this time of year. Notice of specials will be posted to GEM-Events. This could also be used in addition to the iGive program. If you order online through iGive and use your scrip certificates, the merchant will have donated through the SCRIP program and will also be donating through the iGive program.

If there is a merchant on the program’s website that you’d like to see dded to the list, let me know – if we receive several requests for that company, we’ll add it.

I hope you can see what a greyt benefit this will be to help GEM find homes for greyhounds. As I said before, we raise thousands of dollars for our music booster group and have used this program for many years. If even 50 families bought approximately $100 worth of certificates for the things they WOULD BE BUYING AND SPENDING MONEY ON ANYWAY, GEM could potentially average $500 in donations. Remember, there are gas stations on the list and the next time we have a meeting at Denny’s you can all use your Denny’s SCRIP.

This is a very good program so please consider participating.

If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Helm by phone (734) 753-3736, or by email gryz4me@hotmail.com