Thera-Paw™ Dog Boot (1 Boot)

Thera-Paw™ Dog Boot (1 Boot)



The Thera-Paw™ Dog Boot aids in relief from corns and warts, and are the ultimate protection for painful and injured paws. TheraPaw is available in two sizes
TD Small-Medium (Dogs 30-60 lbs) and TE Medium (Dogs 60-90 lbs).

Paw and bandage protection after surgery
As a breathable, protective alternative to bandages, or as a bandage cover after surgery
To prevent re-injury of tender surgical sites. To protect paws.
As an alternative to surgery

Paw and paw-pad problems
For calluses, corns, and warts,dragging toes, torn tendons, and arthritic or broken toes.
For paw injuries such as sore paws,cuts, scrapes, pad burns, or other soft tissue injuries
To protect injured paws
Aid in therapy
To provide traction for unstable dogs, or for those dogs walking on slick surfaces
Ideal for hydrotherapy and rehabilitation. Provides traction and protection in the pool and on the treadmill.
Using Thera-Paw for Dogs with Unstable Hips and Legs, and Dragging Paws

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