Power Paws for Greyhounds (set of 4)

Power Paws for Greyhounds (set of 4)


Woodrow Wear Power Paws are soft, snug fitting socks with a “rubberized” footprint bottom. 4 socks to a package ~ These are the “Greyhound Edition” and are made for a greyhound’s uniquely different feet. We now carry Power Paws for Greyhounds in both Large, for greyhounds over 70lbs. and Medium for smaller greyhounds, 40 to 70 lbs.


  • Traction: Grips on slick surfaces. Useful for ligament issues and arthritis.
  • Mobility: Freedom and movement for senior and injured dogs.
  • Allergies: Wear outside, remove and toss in washer when indoors. No more licking!
  • Paw Protection: Can replace e-collars for dogs with foot injuries and sensitive feet.
  • All Natural: Cotton & elastic assure comfort and air flow. No bacteria, stinky paws!
  • Outdoors – Heat: Paws don’t burn on hot pavement, sand, etc.
  • Outdoors – Snow: Spray with waterproof spray to protect from ice, salt, and cuts.
  • Scratch Prevention: Prevent nail marks & scratches on hardwood, car interiors.
  • Vehicles: Provide traction & stability in boats, RVs, cars, and other moving vehicles.


Power Paws can be washed just like clothes. We recommend permanent press or gentle cycle with cold water to avoid shrinkage. Dry on low or air dry, and your Power Paws will come out clean and good as new. You may find that with the new mobility your grey has while wearing Power Paws, he or she won’t stop at the door long enough for you to remove them before venturing outside! You may also choose to take your dog outside in the Power Paws (for protection in the snow, salt, heat, or as a layer of protection against pollen, dust, grass, and other allergens). When your Power Paws get dirty or wet, just throw them in the washer! All Woodrow Wear products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If used indoors, they also have a 3 month warranty for workmanship and defects in the product. If worn outdoors, you will experience faster wear which isn’t covered by the manufacturer.

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