Mother Bunnies

Mother Bunnies


Mother Bunny bunnies are all hand made using high quality faux fur; they measure approximately 12″ high, are triple stitched all the way around, and have 3 squeakers! (one in the nose, one in the tummy, and one in the tail.)  That’s THREE!!! Squeaks, for hours, (and hours, and hours) of enjoyment.

We never know what fabrics will be available at any given time.  The photos here are representative of fabrics that we have had.

Many of our customers have told us that the bunnies last longer than any other stuffies they have ever had.  Of course, nothing is indestructible. Fully machine washable and dryable, (but keep in mind that the long-haired bunnies have a tendency to mat up when washed, but the dogs don’t seem to mind it one bit).

***Please Note***

If you have a preference in color or pattern, please email

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