Leo in China: A Greyhound’s Second Tale

Leo in China: A Greyhound's Second Tale


by Cindy Victor When Leo’s owner, Mike Dozer, goes away for two weeks on a writing assignment, Leo, a retired racing Greyhound, feels more terrified than ever of the aggressive Rottweiler who lives up the street. He feels even worse when Mike’s sister comes to Minneapolis with her two Pekingese, Mop and Duster, to dog-sit him. Now our would-be champion is confronted by a lonely Rottie who wants him dead, a pampered Peke who wants him demoralized, an ancient Ming vase that can cast a spine-chilling curse on him, and confounding humans who aren’t sure what they want. Is there a dog alive who could rise to so many challenges and come out a winner? Leo, who raced as Luv You Too Much, gives it his best shot. And throughout his adventures and misadventures he ponders the ways of humans. Soft cover

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