The latest addition to the array of Aid 4 Greys almost indestructible stuffies, sized bigger (approximately 9” long) than the ever popular Tribbles and HeartThrobs, but are smaller than the “World Famous” Mother Bunny Bunnies. They are also triple stitched and have one squeaker in the middle for greyt fun.

Hours and hours of grueling research were spent to determine the exact size and shape to satisfy your needle-nose, and they came up with these GreytBones. (OK, they gave some to the dogs, and the dogs  loved them!)
Only the shorter plush faux furs and fleece are used for the GreytBones.  As with our other stuffies, we never know what fabrics will be available at any given time.  The photos here are representative of fabrics that we have.

***Please Note***

If you have a preference in color or pattern, please email

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