Fast Dog – Cool Cat – Hot Dog and a Time for Action

Fast Dog – Cool Cat – Hot Dog and a Time for Action


Greyhound Fiction for Young Readers

This is the story of a retired racing greyhound that goes to live with his new family and their 8 year old daughter. He joins the family’s other furry friends, an Alaskan Malamute named Igloo and a cool (Spanish) cat named Rodrigo. They all live in a Queen’s neighborhood in New York City. This area is urban, noisy and crowded with children, people of all sizes, colors and backgrounds and the place is a mystery for the four year old greyhound. Stairs? Windows? Mirrors? The family patiently helps Comet work through his fear and confusion.

Comet isn’t the only one with challenges. The daughter, Patty, has an upsetting encounter with a bully at school. Although the parents suggest she try to work through her issue, Comet, Rodrigo & Igloo decide they must help Patty with her problem. Their solutions are as funny as they are unique.

Their adventures in getting to know one another, in dealing with Patty and her friends and in discovering the wonders of big city life will make you laugh and keep you interested.

Story by Arnold Haber, illustrations by Audrey Walker

Soft Cover , 104 pages .

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