Dotti Hi Socks – it’s ALL About ME! ** ON SALE**

Dotti Hi Socks – it's ALL About ME! ** ON SALE**



You save $9.00 (50%)!

by Sue Burkhard Dotti Hi Socks – it’s ALL about ME! is a whimsical look into the life of a very unique adopted greyhound. Dotti’s story is humorously told by Dotti’s human servant, Sue Burkhard, and beautifully illustrated by Rob Burkhard. Sue is a gifted writer, and over the years her entertaining posts to the Greyhound List have made her friends and readers laugh and cry. To those of you that are not already familiar with Sue’s writing, you are in for a treat. Through the misadventures of Dotti Hi Socks, we come to know this funny little dog. We smile and are reminded of our own dogs’ antics. Sue can paint a picture that makes us feel like we were there, but it’s always a lot funnier than if we tried to tell the story our selves. Each book is signed by the author and “pawtographed” by Dotti herself!

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