Craigie The Not Gray Greyhound

Craigie The Not Gray Greyhound


by Dragonflyte

“Craigie The Not Gray Greyhound” is a children’s book (but adults will love it too) that takes you on his journey from the racetrack through a foster home and a Meet & Greet to his forever home with Tracy and Jon and their other greyhound Iggy. If you are loved by one of these special hounds this book will help you understand the process by which most of them go through from track to retirement. If you’re thinking of adopting or have a child who just loves animals, this is a greyt little book to share. There are 29 pages and 15 full-color illustrations. The best part is, part of the purchase price will go to help more greyhounds like Craigie, find their way to a new home too. It’s a win-win for everyone!

“My name is Craigie and I am a greyhound. Greyhound is the kind of dog I am, not the color I am. Greyhounds come in lots of colors.”
Written by Tracy Branan           Illustrated by Jeanni Kistler-Davis

 Softcover  Signed by the author

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